Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Get a Shiver in My Bones Just Thinking About the Weather

Typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, oh sh*t.

What the hell are we going to do about the weather??


While we humans continue to fight with each other incessantly about whether or not climate change is caused and/or exacerbated by our human actions, the weather is seemingly getting much worse.  At the very least, the effects of the storms seem greater -- whether that's due to an actual increase in storm numbers and strength or due to the human population being so much greater, therefore affecting a greater number of humans, I don't know.  

RE-FREAKING-GARDLESS, this weather sh*t is SERIOUS.  We can't fight it.  We can debate it until the methane-producing cows come home, but what the hell can we really do as a HUMAN POPULATION to protect ourselves?


So it makes one wonder -- are those selfish bastard people of a certain higher tier of a certain political party accidentally correct?!  Should we all live for today because tomorrow our straw and stick AND brick houses will be wiped off the planet by Typhoon Big Bad Wolf?  Well, isn't that a kick in the face?  Maybe they're right.  Maybe we should just embrace our animal instincts and revert to survival of the fittest because our days are drastically numbered.

Well hell.  Guess I can go eat those Twinkies now.  What difference does it make?

And yet.......

What are we without hope?

Foolish, I suppose.  I mean LOOK at that radar.  

So it just makes me kinda want to scream, you know?  


We're all doomed as a species.  Even if the storms don't get us, the sun's going to burn us up eventually.  So maybe we focus more on getting along and helping everyone get by.  And having an obscene amount of fun!  Sheesh, is it so difficult?  

Eat, drink, and be merry.  

And bring an umbrella, you silly hopeful human.  

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