Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virginia & Vagina, Perfect Together

Well, hello, what's this?

Isn't that a humdinger?  Welcome aboard, Terry!

Last night was way too much of a nail-biter for me.  I was beginning to think I had cursed the race with my blog post in which I so confidently announced that Cuccinelli would lose.  

He did, but not for the efforts of the ONE MILLION TEN THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE people who voted for him.

I may never be able to wrap my brain around that one.  

I admitted yesterday that I didn't really know much about McAuliffe.  Fortunately, NPR was discussing the election this morning and I discovered that McAuliffe has never held office, is viewed by most everyone as a huckster, and is known for his campaign fundraising abilities (some of which may be ethically questionable).

Additionally, he has admitted publicly that he prefers campaigning and isn't really interested in governing.  

Maybe he didn't hear how similar the words sound.  Governor.  Governing.  Nah...not related.

I did know that he was tight with the Clintons, so it dawned on me this morning (I'm guessing this isn't a revelation for anyone else) that he was probably hand-picked by them to be Virginia's governor during Hillary's bid for President in 2016.  Virginia's governor who loves campaigning and fundraising.  

Those wily Clintons!

I like it.  He's only going to be in office for 4 years.  How much harm can he do?  (Gilmore).  I figure he's smart enough to surround himself with a smarter team of policy-makers and financial advisers.  As a huckster campaign fundraiser, he'll be good at shmoozing and attracting new business to Virginia.  He also welcomes diversity and isn't trying to staple pregnant women's vaginas shut to force them to keep unwanted pregnancies.

Maybe we can paraphrase the old New Jersey slogan (New Jersey & You, Perfect Together):

Virginia & Vagina, Perfect Together.

Speaking of New Jersey...

Picture it: Some US college, September 2016: The Hillary Clinton / Chris Christie Debate.  Oh, I can't wait!  And let's, for a second, try to picture Chris Christie's international diplomacy: "I can't pronounce your name, so I'm just going to call you 'Vinnie', ok?  And...shut the f*ck up, you idiot!"  Hang in there, Saturday Night Live, you'll be funny again in just a few years!!

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