Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Already Have My Two Front Teeth

Dear Santa,

I would like the following things for Christmas. I know there's a lot, so I don't need everything by Christmas. And I'm pretty happy anyway, so if you can't fill this list, that's okay too.

With love,
Amy Jo

1) a new spine and skeletal system for my mom. I'm really proud of her and everything she's still able to do but she deserves to be able to do more and to be pain-free.
2) um...this one's a doozy; it's the list for my house: a new roof, windows, siding, tree removal, fence, 2nd floor, and porch.
3) someone who can explain how my well water-to-heat-pump system works! Ooh, and someone who knows how to check it each year and/or fix it.
4) a chimney sweep who's helpful and honest like the one I used to have.
5) more motivation, less fear, less shyness. [Gloria, if you were drinking a beverage when you got to that one, wipe your monitor off].
6) security for Bodhi and me. For Bodhi to finally realize I'll always come back for her and for me to find someone who won't leave me.
7) an honest, funny, smart, good, goofy person to share my life with. Someone who's realistic about relationships and knows they take work but who also believes in happily ever after.
8) I'm tempted to start asking for stuff for my friends here, but this is my list and I'm feeling selfish. But, oh shoot, go ahead and fulfill my friends' wishes and desires and please give them health, happiness, and contentment too!
9) I'd still like that red car in the back of the Sears Wish Book. It's too late for me to drive my grandmother and father to work in it, but since it was always on my list, I feel it belongs here!

Thanks and Merry Christmas, Santa!

See you at the charity Santa Crawl next week?

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