Saturday, November 17, 2007

Martha Martha Martha

In honor of the passing of fellow Jersey Girl Martha Stewart's mother, Martha Kostyra (and because I have no blog ideas for today) I offer you two of my favorite Martha Stewart quotes:

1) During her first Christmas special, she sauntered over to her fireplace and picked up a little pine tree from the mantle. She purred and over enunciated, "I like to call these little trees." Freaking brilliant, Martha. No one else would ever think to call a little tree a "little tree."

2) On an episode of her old Sunday morning show featuring rhubarb, she ended the ep by walking through her garden with an armload of rhubarb. She then stated with great emphasis and import, "The Romans called rhubarb the food of barbarians... (pause) (pause) but I like to call rhubarb the food of..........epicureans."

And I like to call you a huge gasbag. But I'm sorry for your loss. Watching you and your mother have cooking pissing matches was loads of fun in the 90s! Rest in peace, Mrs. Kostyra.

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glo said...

You watched Martha Stewart? I just don't know you anymore. Soon you'll take up a crazy sport like running.