Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sometimes the Dogs Aren't Lost

So, it seems my friend Gloria is reading my blog and felt it necessary to comment on an inaccuracy she spotted in my "Mittens on Kittens..." blog. Uh, there was this one time...

My friend Anne and I were walking my dog, Bodhi, around the neighborhood. As is very common whenever I'm out and about, I spotted a loose dog. It was one of those white furballs that can be mistaken for a mop head with eyes. I approached it slowly because I didn't want to frighten it and wasn't sure of its temperament. I got within 3 feet of it and everything seemed to be going okay. At approximately 2 feet, 11 inches however, the little bastard began barking its head off at me and backing away in sheer terror. You would think I was going after him with a meat cleaver. He just kept backing away and looking over his shoulder as if he was desperately looking for someone to help him escape this crazy woman. Barking and backing, backing and barking, he heads right into the path of a moving car! Anne screams, the driver slams on the brakes, and I keep terrorizing the little dog by trying to SAVE ITS LIFE! After almost getting flattened, he finally turned around and started running as fast as his little legs would take him towards a house on the corner. He seemed like he belonged there and I could see that their gate was open -- that must be how he got out. He climbed the front steps and sat at the door. I rang the doorbell and a teenager came to the door.

"Is this your dog?" I asked.

"Uh....yeah," she answered in that charming teenager way, indicating that I was a complete moron.

"I found him about a block away. Your gate's open," I scolded.

She looked at me like I had four heads and just pointed over at the fenced in yard. I looked over and realized the "fenced in yard" was only fenced on two sides. The whole freaking back yard was wide open, in addition to the gate. So I don't know if the dog got out of the house or if it normally just walks all over the damn neighborhood. I clearly rescued a dog who didn't need rescuing. And nearly got him run over by a car in the process. You're welcome.

Anne had pretty much dissolved into laughter at that point. For you see, that was my second botched attempt at being a Good Samaritan in oh, let's see, about 15 minutes. Shortly before the "stray" dog incident, I spotted two young girls going door to door, seemingly selling something for school. Nothing strange there, but then I noticed a sketchy looking man driving about 5 or 6 houses behind, staring at the girls. Something seemed wrong and I started following the girls as well. I believe Anne was rolling her eyes at this point. Bodhi was just happy to be going on a walk.

We followed for a while and creepy man just kept coming. Finally, I decided to say something to the girls because we were following them farther and farther from our normal dog walking path. As I approached, the man got anxious and started getting closer. I shot him a dirty look and got the girls' attention. "Do you know that man? He's been following you for a while." In a nice bit of foreshadowing, both girls looked at me in disgust and one said, "Uh...yeah, he's her DAD."

Some days, it just doesn't pay to help! :)


glo said...

thank you.

AJ said...

LOL - now you're peer reviewing me on the weekend?? I had to go back and fix my misspelling of "brakes." Maybe you could leave me virtual post-it notes... ;)