Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Nightmare Before Thanksgiving

It's unusual for me to have nightmares, but this is what I remember from last night:

I walked in on a male shape shifter as he reached into an old woman's chest, pulled out her heart, and proceeded to eat it. This stood out for me for two reasons: 1) he pulled out her heart and proceeded to eat it; 2) she was wearing a white sweater and there wasn't a drop of blood on her. He reached in, plucked it out, and there was no evidence that anything had happened. I guess he saw me because for the rest of the dream I knew he knew that I knew and I was terrified. Even when he and I climbed into the motorized kayak with the other day laborers shortly after the heart eating incident. There were about six of us including the driver and I discovered the kayak/canoe was motorized when the 'captain' kicked it in gear and I went flying towards the back of the kayak unexpectedly. After a short trip, we were at some sort of pier with a lot of little shops and cafes. I knew a girl who worked in one of the cafes and warned her about the shape shifter. It gets fuzzy here. But at some point, we were running through a neighborhood with another girl, trying to hide from the shape shifter. It was hard figuring out who he was, because he was a shape shifter -- he could change into different men instantly. But he did have a strange gait and he kind of shuffled along, looking for hearts to devour. This still made it hard to spot him because his gait was similar to the shuffle of so many homeless men wandering through Norfolk. The girls and I spotted someone I believed was the shape shifter and hid behind a tree in someone's front yard. I thought we were safe, but then there he was behind us! He began to speak to me and then tink, tink, tink, tink. I was awakened to the house flipper next door hammering something metal, maybe the chain link fence between my house and the next.

So, blockbuster? What are we thinking??

The flipper may have saved my nocturnal life, but I was still a little on edge when I woke up this morning. Looked around the room and tried to figure out if it was a dream or not. So far, so good!

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glo said...

Did you ever see an Indian with an empanada?