Friday, November 9, 2007

Maybe she fractured her 'humorous'

I'm Rosie O'Donnell
i used to be funny

now I blog
poor brit
I want to help her

columbine depressed me
i get larger but my words
get smaller

punctuation you left me

im a blowhard
2 serious
2 b
4 gotten

zero gravity

adsgasiog hasg


Jaysus! Go exercise, take some antidepressants, plant a tree. Do something, anything to help you stop taking life so seriously! You're depressing the crap out of everyone and making us lesbians look bad!! LIGHTEN UP!!!!!!!!!! I remember you when you were funny and full of joy. If that was an act, you may want to go back to it. Sometimes being genuine is EXHAUSTING for everyone else. :)

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gloriadhill said...

like ew & patsy! too funny!